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Scam alert and warning signs



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default Scam alert and warning signs

Post  Guynextdoor on Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:49 am

There are several pointers to a scam. Some major indicators that something fishy is going on are a request for private/personal info like a password or credit card information. These types of info are advantageous to the scammers against the victims.
Hackers can either penetrate a system's security by using various software tricks and hacks, or find ways to make people willingly give away information. The scammer would usually trick the victim into sharing. Some of the common ways they collect info from victims are:
1. Through app download request; If you attempt to install an app and it takes you to a new page, pay attention to that page's domain name. Some scammers can create look-alike pages to the ones you use, like facebook and then request for your password. If the domain name appears fishy, you shouldn't give your password.
Also pay attention to the information the app is requesting or asking to gain access to.
2. Pop-up messages: While surfing the Web, you might encounter alarming pop-up messages claiming a virus has been found on your computer and that you should download software to get rid of it. These messages are often scams that trick you into downloading software that can hurt your computer.
You may see a pop-up message directing you to download or install an additional application after you've already started the process, pop-up chat boxes, promotional pop-UPS etc.
3. Other victims: Scammers can hack into accounts of people you know/friends and message you automatically with links to click on or visit. If you receive a message that does not sound like your friend even though it's supposedly coming from a friend, you should verify from your friend before carrying out any suggestions from the message. Such messages may include
• Promises of get-rich-quick schemes.
•Request for credit card info or password under any guise.
Promos etc

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